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Apr 19: Let us introduce Wild Bruce

Brekeriet started in 2012 as a brewery focusing on wild yeast. Our first products were mainly Saisons and Farmhouse Ales.

In 2013 we started experimenting with several bacteria strains. To make a long story short, we accidentally infected the entire brewery with these bacteria and all our brews became sour. We now had a choice to make, we could either choose to pull the plug – or take advantage of the situation.

As you might’ve realized, we decided to give it a go and released only sour beers from 2013-2015. During these years Brekeriet became known as a sour beer brewery, even though we still had a dream of making non-sour beers in the future.

In 2016 we moved to a new facility with a brand new brewhouse, new fermentation tanks and a new bottling line. Finally, we were able to brew non-sour beers again and so we did. We were overexcited to fulfill the dream and re-release those crisp and enjoyable Saisons again.

The problem was – nobody wanted to buy a non-sour Brekeriet beer. People got disappointed thinking something was wrong – the beer wasn’t sour!
We can’t blame them. If you expect something from a company and the result doesn’t meet your expectations, you should react!

During the years we’ve been thinking about how to release non-sour beers whilst maintaining the credibility of Brekeriet as a sour beer brewery. In the end, we decided to start a beer brand out of Wild Bruce – the subsidiary to Brekeriet.

The focus of Wild Bruce’s wild brews is inspired by the tradition and history of classic beer styles. Of course, we will use wild yeast in all these beers as well and we think that will make them even more historical and accurate. Det var bättre förr, right?

The first Wild Bruce-beer to be released is Session Witbier. You will find it in all Swedish Lidl stores pretty soon.

In June we will release Witbier and Bir at Systembolaget, for you all to enjoy at home. Witbier is a crisp and refreshing witbier and Bir is an easier saison, to drink whenever you want a bir.
Both will also soon be released in cans and kegs to bars and restaurants.

The label artwork is made by the very talented Tobias Janius, Automagiskt Bryggeri. We wanted the labels to have a classic look inspired from English and Belgian labels and Tobias really did find that classic look with the wild boar (Bruce) and other old style attributes. Artwork at its finest!

With that being said we wish you a Happy Easter! 🐣💝

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