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May 19: Brekeriet Weekly CW20

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🔹 Christian and Henrik started off this short week by preparing the canning line for a test run to can some of our pilsner. Since we always can wild fermented beers we wanted to replace the canning hoses to new, clean ones.
🔹 They also declared the annual war against some hungry ants. These ants always arrives this time a year and they have one goal – to eat the sweet wort. This year we fine tuned our war tactics by covering their entering hole and path with chili and cinnamon. Apparently it worked and we won the war once again.


🔹 The kimchi we produced two weeks ago was ready to be packed into jars this Tuesday. First we blend the kimchi, then weigh it into disinfected and rinsed jars before we put the lid on. Since we already sold most of the jars we also labeled them before packing them into boxes for pick-up by our distributor, Bondens Skafferi, on Wednesday.


🔹 This Wednesday we kegged a lot of our pilsner in steel kegs, but also canned about 100 cans. We did this test canning to determine whether it’s possible to use our wild infected canning line even for clean beers. Stassini will do tests on the cans overtime, to see if there’s some “unwanted” microorganisms lurking around.
🔹 Christian and Henrik added blackcurrants to the new batch of Tistron we brewed the other week.


🔹 National holiday and klämdag for a well-needed long and calm weekend.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday! 🍻

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