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May 12: Brekeriet Weekly CW19

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🔹 Last Friday we brewed Tistron and since it’s a kettle sour we let it sour over the weekend. This Monday Henrik pasteurized the soured wort and chilled it to a fermentation tank. He also milled coriander seeds to be added to in the boil together with the bittering hops.
🔹 I sent samples of two upcoming Saisons to Systembolaget, being released in July; Morgendugg and Nobel Ek.
🔹 Fruktstereo came by to pick up some more oak barrels we’ve sold to them.


🔹 It’s a couple of weeks since we canned a beer, but this Tuesday it was finally time again. The canning and kegging of Purple Rain was on the schedule, to be re-released at Systembolaget in June. 
🔹 Stassini took some samples while we canned, to determine what could possibly contaminate a beer in our wild yeast “infected” brewery. 


🔹 Soon we’re about to release the two barrel aged spirits we packaged the other week. There’s only about 80 bottles each and for this small amount we’re printing the labels ourselves. Fredrik hand numbered all the labels prior to labeling.
🔹 Christian and Henrik blended and dry-hopped a barrel aged beer for an upcoming release in a couple of months. They also transferred a barrel aged braggot to a blending tank prior to bottling. The braggot, Mölska 2023, will also be released at Systembolaget this fall.


🔹 Yesterday we brewed a collab together with our good friend Thomas from Brasserie Du Pays Flamand, the same brewery we made our beer Cyrano with. We mixed a couple of our wild cultures with dregs from some of their bottles to ferment the wort in the barrels.


🔹 Me and Christian are all set to pour our pilsner, IPAs and sours all weekend in Kävlinge. 

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday! 🍻

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