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Mar 24: Brekeriet Weekly CW12

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🔹 Random activity at the brewery. Christian, Henrik and Johan prepared for the two separate kegging sessions taking place this week.
🔹 Me and Magnus from Benchwarmers went up to Stockholm for a Beer Makers Dinner at fancy Portal on Monday evening. During March and April our two breweries are represented in keg and bottle/can at the restaurant.


🔹 Kegging day at the brewery. Our first ever pilsner, Lethe, was partly transferred to our 500L serving tank and partly put into steel kegs to be poured at Purgatorio this week.
🔹 In Stockholm, me and Magnus did some beer touristing and then ended the evening at Lådan where the book release party of “Den nya ölkulturen” written by the prominent beer journalist Sanna Lindberg was being held. A book you really need to have in your book shelf!
Congrats Sanna!


🔹 The other beer to be kegged this week was our new American Pale Ale, Pavo. Pavo was kegged in steel kegs to be poured at Purgatorio and other local bars. We also kegged Pavo in Keykegs for a shipment to our distributor Brill & Co for further distribution in Sweden. Contact them if you’d like to sell Pavo at your bar/pub/restaurant.


🔹 Christian and Stasini made some test blends for an upcoming collab with Oppigårds. Stay tuned for more info about that exciting project!
🔹 We had our annual inspection from the Swedish Food Agency and had no remarks. That calls for a beer!
🔹 Fredrik prepared everything for the pilsner to be poured at Purgatorio. From 15.00 this Thursday Lethe is available to enjoy.


🔹 Henrik and Johan brewed a new batch of Purple Rain to be re-released in June. More info to come!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.

See you next Friday! 🍻

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