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Mar 17: Brekeriet Weekly CW11

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🔹 Christian and Johan dry-hopped our soon-to-come Pale Ale, “Pavo”.
🔹 Henrik cleaned a couple of steel kegs for the kegging on Wednesday. Besides Keykegs we also keg most of our beers in steel kegs, to be poured at “our” bar Purgatorio in Lund.


🔹 Together with Helsingborg based Benchwarmers, we deliver our Systembolaget beers for the local stores every week – they drive our beers north and we drive their beers south. Tuesday is often the day Magnus swings by.
🔹 We have a 500L tank to hold our upcoming Pilsner for Purgatorio. This Tuesday I prepared it to be filled for the first time, happening next week.
🔹 We’re bringing two different barrel aged spirits to Malmö Beer & Whisky this weekend. One has been aged for 5 years and the other one is a distillate from Remmarlöv Gårdsbryggeri’s Red Slope, aged for 2 years. This Tuesday Christian and Johan bottled some sample bottles.
🔹 We are measuring the alcohol content of all batches produced and Johan measured 7 different batches this week.
🔹 I did some random canning preparations (cans, kegs, labels, cases etc.) and Henrik prepared everything in the brewery (canning and kegging line, hoses, tanks etc.) for everything to run smoothly on Wednesday. 


🔹 Kegging and canning of two beers; Salt & Pepper and Pink Passion. Salt & Pepper is temporarily out at Systembolaget but this batch will soon reach the shelves. Pink passion is always available.
🔹 Our father Alf delivers Benchwarmers and our beers to Systembolaget every Wednesday.


🔹 Fredrik has prepared for Malmö Beer & Whisky Festival all week and yesterday he and Johan was rigging everything.
🔹 Henrik was distilling. Something we do almost all the not-so-busy days. All the spirit we distill nowadays is filled into barrels for aging.
🔹 I packed a pallet bound for our Italian importer. Tetris deluxe.


🔹 Festival day number 1. We hope to meet some of you there!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
See you next Friday! 🍻

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