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May 5: Brekeriet Weekly CW18

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🔹 Swedish holiday 🎉


🔹 It’s kimchi season and this Tuesday and Wednesday was all about chopping cabbage and vegetables to start the fermentation 🔪 We start by rinsing and washing the cabbage. Then we chop it up and add salt and leave it over the night. We also rinsed the ginger and leek.
🔹 We got two small party kegs of Früh Kölsch – the beer we started off importing in 2013 – from the @pomologik guys ❤️


🔹 We chopped up the ginger, white radish and leek and mixed it all with the cabbage. We also add garlic and chili at this point prior to two weeks of fermentation.


🔹 One of our heating elements for our hot liquor tank decided to give in after a couple of years of service. Luckily we have an awesome electrician that solved the problem fast, for us to have hot water for the brewing on Friday.
🔹 We’ve borrowed two 100L kegs from @barsebacksbranneri and this Thursday we filled them with pilsner, to be poured at an event next weekend. We also kegged the usual steel kegs for @purgatoriolund.
🔹 Jason from @recycledbrewco and Jacob from @friendscompanybrewing swung by to say hi and grab a beer with us. They were on their way to some random beer fest in Copenhagen 🍻


🔹 Henrik brewed a new batch of our black currant sour Tistron.
🔹 Stassini, a food engineer student from Lund University, is studying at Brekeriet this semester. She collected dust from the malt milling today, to grow cultures on agar plates and see which micro organisms we have circulating in the brewery.
🔹 Christian transferred a batch of Purple Rain to a prime tank prior to packaging next Tuesday.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday! 🍻

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