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Apr 28: Brekeriet Weekly CW17

To see the video on Instagram Reels, click here.

🔹 This Monday we mainly emptied some more oak barrels and got them ready to put on sale.
🔹 The label for our Pomologik collab, Brekologik, is about to get ready for print. Awesome work by Martin Ander (@manderoid) 🍎 

🔹 Henrik distilled some spirits a second time, prior to aging in barrels.
🔹 I rearranged empty and filled barrels on racks, to be able to sell some of them off.

🔹 The kegging day of our new IPA, Cetus, was finally here. We kegged both steel kegs for Purgatorio but also quite a lot of Keykegs for other bars and restaurants mainly in Skåne.
🔹 Fredrik filled the car to the brim with kegs bound for random bars.
🔹 Christian transferred two different barrel aged spirits to blending tanks, for the upcoming bottling this Thursday.

🔹 We bottled the two barrel aged spirits to be released as “Privatimport” at Systembolaget. More info about them will come soon.
🔹 I packed a couple of pallets bound for our Swedish distributer Brill & Co, to be shipped next week.

🔹 Today Henrik and Christian brewed a new pale ale to be distributed around Sweden in a couple of weeks. More info to come.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday! 🍻

Music by ComaStudio

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