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May 26: Brekeriet Weekly CW21

To see the video on Instagram Reels, click here.


🔹 Anders from Örebro Brygghus visited us this Monday and Tuesday. The plan was to do a blend between barrel aged beers, as a collab. They tried a lot of different barrels and came up with, not only one, but two nice blends for us to blend in large scale. The two beers will be released this fall.
🔹 Fredrik and I packed a couple of pallets bound for Brill & Co, Stigbergets Fot and our importer in Switzerland.


🔹 Henrik kegged Apus, mostly in Keykegs for distribution in Sweden but also in steel kegs for Purgatorio.
🔹 I finally got the time to label the two barrel aged spirits. More info about how to get ahold of a bottle or two was published in a separate post yesterday.


🔹 We’re pouring beer at Lommafesten today and tomorrow and Christian packed everything for the festival this Wednesday.
🔹 I visited Brygghuset Finn to pick up some Pilsner malt that we needed for a Pink Passion batch being brewed today. It’s nice to have helpful breweries nearby!


🔹 Henrik and Christian brewed the third batch of our pilsner, to be kegged just before our summer vacation in July.
🔹 We’re still emptying and selling oak barrels and I rearranged some of the barrels on the racks.


🔹 Henrik brewed a batch of our most sold beer, Pink Passion, today. It’s a kettle sour that will be soured over the weekend and pasteurized on Monday before we transfer the wort to a tank for 6 weeks fermentation.
🔹 Christian rigged our stand in Lomma. Johan, Amanda and Henrik will pour our beer there this weekend.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday! 🍻

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