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Aug 31: Tio

In September 2012 we bottled the first Brekeriet beer ever; a saison fermented with wild yeast. This was the start of a journey filled with joy, sweat and tears. Now, 10 years later, we’re releasing our 10:th anniversary beer Tio. Tio is a beer in which we’ve mixed the old Brekeriet style beers with the …

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Jun 6: The National Day of Sweden

How do you celebrate? Here’s our recipe for Brekeriet Gin & Dice 2cl Vild Gin4cl Slice & Dice4cl TonicA slice of cucumber The gin is available to order through Systembolaget. Read more about how to order here!Slice & Dice is our gluten-free beer with cucumber and is available to order through Systembolaget here. Cheers!

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