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Mar 31: Brekeriet Weekly CW13

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🔹 We brewed Purple Rain last Friday and since it’s a kettle soured beer it has been soured over the weekend. This Monday we pasteurized the wort and transferred the wort to tank for fermentation.


🔹 Christian and Johan brewed a new IPA, Cetus, ready to be poured in a couple of weeks.
🔹 A lot of our pilsner Lethe has been poured since the release at Purgatorio last Thursday and we couldn’t be happier. This Tuesday we decided to keg some more of it, for immediate delivery to Lund.
🔹 Every Tuesday we get the weekly orders from Systembolaget and we usually deliver to our local stores on Wednesdays, meaning we get everything ready on Tuesdays. On Monday we re-release our passion fruit and saffron sour Lucifer and also a spanking new Saison.


🔹 This Wednesday we brewed the second batch of Lethe. Magnus, the owner of Purgatorio and the main customer of the pilsner, wanted to join us during the brew and helped us out with various things, such as adding the bittering hops in the boil.
🔹 We emptied five oak barrels recently, to use as bar tables. I moved some filled barrels between racks to optimize. 


🔹 Yesterday we bottled a collaboration brew we’ve made with awesome Pomologik. It’s 50/50 blend between spontaneously fermented apple juice and 1, 2 and 3 year old barrel aged beer. That blend has then been aged another 3 months in oak barrels before we transferred it to tank prior to the bottling. Release at Systembolaget in a couple of months.
🔹 Fredrik went to Växjö for a tasting on Thursday and then Växjö beer festival today and tomorrow.


🔹 We added passion fruit purée and black currants to the Purple Rain batch we brewed last week. The fruit will stay in the tank until the beer is canned in 5 weeks.
🔹 Henrik kegged a test batch of a Double IPA for further evaluation before we might brew it in large scale.
🔹 Fredrik is ready to pour beer at Växjö Beer Festival.
🔹 Me and Henrik is serving beer at Brasserie Glöd in Landskrona this evening. Exciting!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.

See you next Friday! 🍻

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