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Apr 21: Brekeriet Weekly CW16

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🔹 Henrik and Johan measured the alcohol content in six different batches of packaged beer.
🔹 Every year we produce a beer, Habitum, for the Wild Bruce stock holders and last years cans are now being packed and shipped across the country. Habitum 2022 is a crisp and refreshing saison, perfect to enjoy in the spring sunshine.

🔹 Henrik and Johan distilled some spirits a second time, prior to aging in barrels.
🔹 Christian and I tried and measured the final gravity of our upcoming IPA, Cetus, before the kegging next week.
🔹 Johan cleaned the floor – a never ending task.

🔹 Our father got ready to deliver some kegs for Purgatorio and cans for the weekly Systembolaget delivery route. 
🔹 Henrik and Johan kegged a test batch of a Bitter, brewed in October, to be evaluated in the staff taproom.
🔹 I got two kegs of the Pomologik collab ready to be shipped to Mikkeller for this years edition of MBCC, to be be poured at the Pomologik stand.

🔹 We do quality control of previously packaged batches 3 weeks, 3 months and 1 year after packaging and this time we had a lot of goses to try. Yum!
🔹 We have 20 oak barrels without bacteria cultures, only with wild yeast. After 1,5 years in the barrels we think the beer is ready to be blended. Yesterday we tried and test blended beer from 6 of the barrels, for an upcoming beer.

🔹 Today we had Fruktstereo visiting. They’ve bought a couple of our oak barrels and wanted to see them and also see the brewery.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday! 🍻

Music by Brotheration Records

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