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Apr 14: Brekeriet Weekly CW15

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🔹 Easter holiday 🐥

🔹 This Tuesday we dry-hopped the coming batch of Purple Rain with Citra. We also dry-hopped a new IPA, Cetus with Citra and Mosaic. Cetus is scheduled for kegging next week.
🔹 Magnus swung by with their Systembolaget beers, to be delivered to our local stores on Wednesday, as usual.
🔹 I got the barrels for the Oppigårds blend in place to be ready for the beer transfer on Wednesday.
🔹 We try to have meetings at least once a month, to go through what will happen the coming months. This Tuesday we spent a couple of hours talking about upcoming beer releases at Systembolaget, new distilled products, summer events among lots of other things.

🔹 We blended 1000 liters of barrel aged sour beer with Oppigårds Utah DIPA from the transfer last week. The starter culture we added to Utah were already happily munching on the residual sugar in the DIPA.
🔹 Me and Fredrik went to Purgatorio to pick up a cute 200L serving tank. The plan is to optimize the tank and bring it back to Lund, for our Lethe Pilsner to be poured from.

🔹 Since we emptied oak barrels on Wednesday, we wanted to fill them again as soon as possible. We brewed a strong wort to be aged for at least a year in the barrels. The large barrel is one out of four Niepoort barrels we have, which gives very special and complex notes to the beer.

🔹  Henrik and Johan brewed a test batch of a Märzen, to be evaluated in the staff taproom. Exciting! They also distilled some beer, for the distillate to be aged in oak barrels.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Brekeriet Weekly. Please comment below.
Have a nice weekend. See you next Friday! 🍻

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